Applescript Dictionaries

Can anyone recommend some good books or website that explains how to read and interpret the Applescript Dictionaries? I just started programming in Applescript and I’ve gotten around by just searching for examples online for syntax. I’ve tried looking at the dictionaries for different programs like Excel, Outlook, etc…and it’s very cryptic. Is there a good primer on trying to understand the dictionary?


Like any other programming language, RTFM!

It does not deal with application dictionaries directly, but a careful read will help. A lot.

Maybe the most confusing part in dictionaries are the elements of classes. Read the part about reference forms.

Otherwise dictionaries are the responsability of whoever writes the application, the fine details are to be guessed, experimented or, rarely, in some application manual.


Don’t expect to get anything right the first time anyway, you’ll just be disappointed. What works for me, is

get every property of ...

And look at that in the log window, I feel that to be more informative than using the dictionary. And then I can refine it quickly by getting a property of an attribute of a property too. And it is a fun way to discover the possibilites! :slight_smile: Maybe in connection with the dictionary.

It is a trial and error process anyway, as not all dictionaries are 100% exact.