AppleScript Editor Cocoa-AppleScript Applet vs XCode Template

can anyone explain what are the differences between creating an app from AppleScript Editor’s Cocoa-AppleScript template (File > New from Template > Cocoa-AppleScript Applet) and creating an app in XCode using the Cocoa-AppleScript Application template?

I have noticed that the template in AE comes with an extended app delegate, more localization folders, and the classical script icon. The delegate from the XCode template has only a couple of stubs, and English localization. Is there any fundamental reason for those differences other than “someone at Apple didn’t care to make it consistent”?

The two are quite different.

ASE’s Cocoa-AppleScript template is essentially a pre-built application. Because ASObjC-based classes are actually constructed dynamically at launch, the code of its classes can still be edited. You can edit the class in its main.scpt, and you can also read and edit its CocoaAppletAppDelegate.scpt. The localization can be pre-done because there is no UI to localize apart from the standard menus.

The Xcode template is for building an application from scratch. You supply your own icon, and if you want to localize your UI, you have to do it – it can’t be done in advance if you have anything other than the standard menus.

Thanks, that clarifies a lot :slight_smile:

[Off-topic:] I’m just beginning with ASObjC, but I’m considering buying AppleScriptObjC Explored eventually. I was wondering (a) whether the table of contents is available somewhere, and (b) whether an ebook version is planned in the future.

Email me for (a); reformatting for (b) has proved too difficult, so it will stay PDF only.