Applescript Editor crashes

i wrote a longer script and it does a nice job.
The kind of script is nothing of extraordinary.
However, i tried this days to open it again and to tweak some settings, but without success. My script kills the Applescript editor every time i try to open it. Only Smile is able to open it. If i copy-paste these contents in a new Applescript editor’s document, it crashes again. Strange.

Smile gives me an error saying something like:
“While compiling “Graphic Library Utility”: expecting end of line, but a property was found”

Can you post the script?


One idea that may help, is to partition your script into several script objects, and thereby try to isolate the culprit, so you have something that doesn’t crash your editor, while you investigate.

Happy hunting!

Hi Joy,

If your script returns a lot of data, then it might take a long time returning it to the result window. Then you get the color wheel.


Good day McUsr,

That reminds me that I haven’t read my Mail on this computer for about five days. :smiley:


and thanks. I need to rewrite the entire script. i worked on it in different moments and is like a patch-work with some bugs in it. I saved the script in Smile and was able to open it again in Applescript editor, without crashing.