Applescript editor gives error and won't open

When attempting to open the script editor I get:

This actions could not be completed.
(Error 32768069)

Please - any info would be apreciated.

I am running 9.2.2 on a Quicksilver. I have nearly all extensions on. and cotrol panels too. ARGH!


KC 8)

Fortunately, Apple has provided documentation on these errors. You can find it here.

Hope this helps!

I can’t find an error number like that on that site. Is there something I don’t understand about error numbers? Do you have a good script editor icon in the Finder and is this a dual boot installation? I have run into quite a few Macs that needed to have Applescript re-installed. I had always just chalked it up to our IT department doing something dumb but this post seems to jar something similar in my memory.