Applescript error "not supported on this system" icons have changed

Hi, several of my Applescript icons have changed to a circle with a line through it with a pencil and ruler underneath. I can’t open them anymore. Does anyone know how to fix this?

My question would be if you’ve changed anything on your Mac recently? Installed any new software, upgraded the OS, installed any menu extras or other bundles?

Yes I transfered all my files to a new machine.

This happens to me when I copy a file from another drive to my 10.5.2 drive. It seems the icons don’t update themselves properly, but on a reboot the icons return to normal. BUT even though the icons are messed up the files still open for me so I’m not sure why you’re having that problem.

Are any of these aliases or dock icons that are unable to find the originals? Did you transfer your user files from a PPC machine to an Intel Mac?

Have you tried opening any of the scripts in Script Editor and re-compiling them?

Hi Thanks for the advice. My machine seems to want to open them in os 9. Opening them in the script editor and recompiling works. I am just worried if I want to share these scripts with others, that they are going to have this problem sometimes.
Anyway they are working now, thanks.
Pete O’Connell

If they were OS 9 scripts and you’ve now re-compiled them in OS X’s Script Editor, you shouldn’t run into any more problems with them, nor should anyone you send them to that have the same version of OS X you have (or higher).

If you need to send them to OS 9 users, send the originals or re-compile them with OS 9’s Script Editor.