Applescript folder actions

I need help moving all the files within a folder to my HD.

so far all i got is:

set Folder1 to “/resources/” (this is the folder im moving stuff from)
set Destination to “/” (This is meant to be the HD)
set filestomove to every file of Folder1
end tell

tell application “Finder”
move filestomove to Destination
end tell

but i got nothing

Thank you all for the help. :slight_smile:

dont use quotes like /
look to the application libraries you need (command+shift+L) in the “applescript editor”

-In your case display the finder’s or system events’ library, to find path references; you’ll notice that some paths are already specified, like (path to home folder) and that arbitrary paths uses colons, like :
At last, i recommend you to use the folders in your home library instead to put files on the root of your HD, because the folders in the home directory are well organized and ready for use to put personal stuff into it.


AppleScript needs HFS paths
the syntax looks like

set sourceFolder to "Macintosh HD:resources:"
set Destination to "Macintosh HD:"

tell application "Finder"
	move every file of folder sourceFolder to folder Destination
end tell