Applescript for adjusting the Sidebar width

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone out there had a Finder applescript to adjust the Sidebar width to zero (for a half dozen folders). I was able to get this process done within Automator, but since there’s no way to recode the XML script to Applescript I’m out of luck on the Panther side.

Thanks for your input.


See: I don’t have Panther running so can’t help beyond that.


in Tiger it’s very easy in AppleScript to adjust the sidebar width of a window (not of a folder!)

tell application "Finder" to set sidebar width of window 1 to 0

Unfortunately the Finder’s dictionary in Panther does not have a sidebar width property

Thank you Adam and Stefan for the quick responses…

Looks like if I want the sidebar width locked down in the lab we’ll have to upgrade to Tiger…and Leopard’s arrival is nigh! Oh well.

Appreciate everyones input now and henceforth - this site is excellent. :smiley: