Applescript for Quicktime

I am new to applescript and am amazed by it’s easy to understand syntax. I am trying to create script that will do the following and would appreciate any help.

If a video file(s) exits in a particular directory then have quicktime open and play them at a particular position and size, possibly full screen. It would be nice if they would play in some order (i.e. first, second, etc.). When the last file plays, then quit quicktime. Automator will do this just fine, but if there is no video file, quicktime will just sit there. I need quicktime to stay closed if no file exists in the directory. Also I need to somehow have the script recover from a movie being removed while being played. Maybee have the script detect if a previous instance of quicktime was left open up until the top of the hour. This may also solve the issue of more than 1hr of movies in the directory.
One more thing… I need this script to run every hour at the top of the hour. I setup apache and php with a simple upload script to allow people to browse to and upload files to a library directory and move them in and out of the “Play” directory as needed.

The upload script limits files to a what quicktime can play and limits their size.

Model: mac mini
AppleScript: 2.1.1
Browser: Safari
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)

Well I would suggest that given the depth and length of what your looking for you start granking out some code then look for help when you run into trouble… Or of your looking for someone to devlop it for you check out and get some bids.

Thanks for the tip. I am doing both. Submitted for bid this afternoon. Are there any other Mac development outsource sites??