Applescript for workflow

Hi all,

I’m new to the Applescript thing and this forum. The reason I registered is I read alot about others using applescript to ease up their work and that is what I’d like to start doing. My first project is to automate the making of aliasses (links) between 2 folders on a windows server. I’d like to run a script on a G5 that makes tha alias so all the macs in our network can use them.

Current set up:
Windows server with all our data. 10 mac’s connect to that server to get files.

On the file server, we have 2 main folders. Production and Approval. Everytime our MIS system creates a new product article, a Folder is made with a unique 6 digit number in the folder Production and Approval.
ex: DataServer/Production/123456 and Dataserver/Approval/123456

Since our people need both fodlers, they now manually create an alias/link between the 2.

I’ve been looking around one different sites for info on this. So far i’ve found out how to create an alias with the script. I’ve also found how to check for new items on a local disk but not on a network drive (i’ve tried to edit the path from desktop to Volumes/Data-Server-PP (=name of our fileserver).

Can anyone give me some pointers/guidance on this matter? Thank you very much.