Applescript help wanted please [mount volume]

Ok let me first apologise if this not done thing,new to the board and applescript. Have come to the conclusion that im not a programmer :smiley: so i am hoping that some you clever folk can help me with this. Ok here is what i am looking for:-

I am a macbook user and so host my itunes and file storage on a network drive, is there any way to automate the mounting of the drive in a similar fashion to windows, hope that makes sense.

ok idea two is there any way to utilise the music artwork in itunes to scroll through your music collection, and if this can be done in itunes how? and can it also be done on the ipod itself?

Ok as i mentioned earlier i tend to have my itunes music library on a shared network drive, i tend to rip music using programs other then itunes, the music files are then manually added to my itunes folder and manually added into itunes, is it possible to right a script that would check the itunes folder compare it with what is in the library and then give me option to add the new or missing folders automatically. I have tried to write a script but didnt get anywhere.

Last one i have downloaded files not added script for itunes for, everytime i run it i get a class psfx error andi cannot figure out what the cause of this is, any ideas?

really would appreciate the help, please either mail me or post suggestions on here.

thanks in advance


I’ll see what I can do just briefly. If you are looking for someone to write scripts for you, you might want to check out MacDeveloper.

Is the server you want to mount an AFP volume? Or a Windows volume? If it’s AFP (Apple File Protocol, the Apple file system), you should be able to use something like:

mount volume "volumname" on server "servername"

Not sure what you intend here, but I’m assuming that you’re wanting to just browse the artwork, rather than the music? Other than showing the album art in the corner of the window (it will change depending on what tune you’re on), I don’t know of another way of doing this. A regular AppleScript won’t be able to show the artwork, you would need an AppleScript Studio application, I would imagine.

Yes, I’m sure something like this could work, depending on the items involved. But remember that iTunes, by default, copies files to it’s own filing system. So if you add a bunch of songs that are in a folder “new songs,” all those songs will be “filed” under their artists and albums (if they’re known). So just comparing folder names won’t help, unless the network drive has the same sort of filing system. You might want to just point your iTunes to use the network drive’s folder of music as the iTunes music library (you can do this in the iTunes preferences, not sure of the exact item(s) you need to look for).

Not familiar with that script, so don’t know what the problem is with it.

Do you want it automatically mounted when you login? I believe this can be done without any AppleScript.

  • Connect to the drive manually
    • Be sure to save the password in your keychain
  • Open System Preferences
  • Choose the “Accounts” panel
  • Choose “Login Items”
  • Drag the drive’s icon to the “Login Items” list
  • Log off and back on to make sure it works

I know there’s a shareware application that does just that: CoverFlow

It would be best to ask the person who made that script. However, if you can provide a link to the script, then maybe someone here will be able to help you.

Cheers for the responses so far.

Cheers bruce will try your suggestion for connecting the drive.

i have tried coverflow but doesnt do what i require, its not far off so will keep looking around.

the link to script is

This would solve some of my issues if i can get this working.

Still open to other suggestions to my initial ideas