Applescript ICal - Duplicating a newly created event

First, I am new to apple scripting but not new to programming. I would consider myself a reasonable programming in C/C++ and Java. But I am very much a newb when dealing with Mac.

Ok, my problem:

When I create an event in iCal using a certain specific calendar, I would like to create a duplicate it. The first event would be a specific time but the second “duplicated event” would be an all-day event.

I am currently back at school getting an engineering degree.

I recently got an app for my iPhone and iPad, Calvetica. The when i display my calendars extremely cluttered with classes, labs, tutorial, assignment and midterms. I really don’t want to miss any assignments or midterms so adding the All-Day makes it noticeable in the calendar and really hard to miss.


  1. Is this the right section for my question?
  2. If it is, in applescript is their an ability to detect when an event is created for a certain calendar?
  3. If Q2 isn’t relevant or possible? Any ideas where I might look or attempt to find a solution? or a better idea of how to attempt to solve this?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


welcome to MacScripter.

Yes, of course

In plain AppleScript no. It could be possible in AppleScriptObjC

You could run a script to create both events