AppleScript in Leopard

Hi everyone, special for every MacOS pioneers.

I’m very courios about Leopard, but I know that if someone is in beta program can’t talk about new features. But I’m asking if someone can, with time and a LOT of love, try some of my software (simple AppleScript program) and say if something important will changes in the future.

Uhm… no. Maybe you can say anything.
So, I need only “yes, they works fine” or “There are some problems, but you have to wait October to fix them” or maybe “There is a LOT of problem, but you are so stupid to undestand how many and what the are”. My hope is for the first of the second :slight_smile:

List of my software are posted here

Please, only if you have some time to spend for me.

And many, many many tnx in advance.

People love talking about Leopend in here

Where the juice on Applescript for Leopend?

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