applescript label

When you are open the Finder Applescript dictionary there a at least 2 ways to give a folder or a file a label.

  • by label index (integer)
  • by label name (Unicode Text)
    Label index is working but label name gives the following error:
    Finder got an error: Can’t set label “Finder” of alias “BACKUP:Users:Administrator:Desktop:Source1:00090021:” to “Red”.

Can anyone tell me what’s the problem?

set myPath to (choose folder with prompt "choose")
tell application "Finder"
	set label index of myPath to 2
	set label name of myPath to "Red"
end tell

In my Finder’s dictionary it says that label name is not available yet. Index is there among the properties of Finder items.

I see this when I look at the Finder’s dictionary:

label (record)(NOT AVAILABLE YET) A Finder label (name and color)

Hope that helps!