Applescript Leopard teething problems


In migrating to Leopard a few Applescripts no longer function correctly. Would anyone know how to correct this one :

tell application "Mail"
set the_message to item 1 of (get selection)
set message_text to content of the_message as string

set nom_list to paragraph 4 of message_text
set nom_list to items of nom_list
count items of nom_list
copy result to total_nom
if total_nom is less than 7 then
set nom to ""
set nom to items 7 thru total_nom of nom_list as string
end if
set prenom_list to paragraph 5 of message_text
set prenom_list to items of prenom_list
count items of prenom_list
copy result to total_prenom
if total_prenom is less than 10 then
set prenom to ""
set prenom to items 10 thru total_prenom of prenom_list as string
end if
set adresse_list to paragraph 6 of message_text
set adresse_list to items of adresse_list
count items of adresse_list
copy result to total_adresse
if total_adresse is less than 11 then
set adresse to ""
set adresse to items 11 thru total_adresse of adresse_list as string
end if

set nlp_list to paragraph 7 of message_text
set nlp_list to items of nlp_list
count items of nlp_list
copy result to total_nlp
if total_nlp is less than 7 then
set nlp to ""
set nlp to items 7 thru total_nlp of nlp_list as string
end if

set ville_list to paragraph 8 of message_text
set ville_list to items of ville_list
count items of ville_list
copy result to total_ville
if total_ville is less than 12 then
set ville to ""
set ville to items 12 thru total_ville of ville_list as string
end if

set telephone_list to paragraph 9 of message_text
set telephone_list to items of telephone_list
count items of telephone_list
copy result to total_telephone
if total_telephone is less than 13 then
set telephone to ""
set telephone to items 13 thru total_telephone of telephone_list as string
end if

set email_list to paragraph 10 of message_text
set email_list to items of email_list
count items of email_list
copy result to total_email
if total_email is less than 12 then
set email to ""
set email to items 12 thru total_email of email_list as string

end if

set sexe to choose from list {"f unfamiliar", "f familiar", "m unfamiliar", "m familiar", "plural unfamiliar"}
if class of sexe is list then
--OK clicked
--Cancel clicked
end if
move the_message to mailbox "classés adresses"
end tell

On the line " set nom_list to items of nom_list" I get a message saying “Can’t get every item of (whatever the text is)”

If you want to return a string, I’d suggest something along the lines of

set store to ""
repeat with i from 1 to the number of items in nom_list
set store to store & item i of nom_list
set nom_list to store as list

I am sorry Fistoprince to be so Applescript illiterate but I don’t cotton on to how you integrate your proposition into the schema of my script. i should perhaps point out that the idea of the script is to extract data from identically formatted emails we receive so that the data can them be imported into a DB.