AppleScript limericks

This morning, on my way to the bakery, my brain came up with a (obviously lousy) AppleScript limerick that I would like to share with you :wink:

There was a young Mac guy named Tyler
who needed a fast auto-filer
but he could not code well
so he asked Adam Bell
and got a script that passed the compiler!

Now it’s your time :smiley:

There once was a bored guy named Martin
who to the forums went a’ postin’
he made up a rhyme
to while the time
But even to geeks he was shut in

From a bakery not far from Essen
Young Martin just gave us a lesson
He wrote us a jingle
that gave me a tingle
But his pastry? It was essen.

I feel honour-bound to protest
That this thread is off-topic at best.
That it’s from an Admin
Is a worrying thing
Which I hope will be quickly addressed.

Its too early in the AM Nigel, I almost spit coffee on my laptop.

Ditto, James – great, Nigel. :lol:

Nigel doth protest too much
He’s clearly got the limerick touch
and yet he maligns
my own simple rhymes
He’s trying to get me in dutch.

A real AppleScript limerick:

There was once a scripter in Newport,
who struggled a lot with the clipboard
He wants to establish
the data of an image:
get picture of (the clipboard as record)

There once was a man from Sankt Gallen
Who scripted for free; he’s not sellin’
And his knowledge is clear
nor does he show fear
When the only solution is shellen

An amorous coder named Mel
Wrote a script to propose to his belle.
But his efforts were spurned
By the result returned:
“Bad syntax. No access. End tell.”


There once was a young man from leigh
who was writing some code by the sea.
But it wouldn’t compile,
so he thought for a while.
This isn’t the laptop, it’s me!

There often is trouble in France,
When Mac’s brain I seek to enhance.
But lucky for me
Applescript is the key…
And I’ve learned not to look it askance.

Great site

For the record I’ve been on Mikey-San watch since this thread started :wink:

For the record, my justification for jumping in is that it’s a slow day AND there’s been a word association thread here for a long long time.