Applescript Noob Unix chmod question

I’m relatively new to writing applescripts and I have a quick and hopefully simple question. I have search these forums for 2 hours without a solution so hopefully someone can help me, or point me in the right direction.

So I wrote a script that removes ACLs from an FTP directory and resets them on the appropriate directories. The script looks like this except with 7 different directories for each command:

do shell script “sudo chmod -RN /Path/Dir/” with
administrator privileges
do shell script “sudo chmod -R 777 /Path/Dir/” with
administrator privileges
do shell script “sudo chown -R admin:public /Path/Dir/” with
administrator privileges

The script works fine, but I need a confirmation of complete dialog box at the end.
Is there anyway to do this without completely rewrite my script?

I’m running OS X Server 10.5.8


try this…

tell me to activate
tell me to display dialog "This script has completed it's run.." buttons {"Quit"} ¬
	default button 1 cancel button 1 with icon 0 with title "Confirmation" giving up after 2


Just a minor additional note:

in “do shell script”, the “with administrator privileges” is the sudo. The shell command should not have it again. Cf. tech note TN2065:


Thanks Peeps

Tom_X your suggestion worked perfectly