Applescript not recognizing System Event syntax

While working on an Xcode/Applescript project, my Script Editor inexplicably stopped treating “text field” and other System Event classes as such, and instead treats “text” as a class and “field” as a variable. Why would it do this? GUI and assistive access are still enabled. The last thing I did in Xcode was fool around with Bindings.

AppleScripting from within XCode is not the same as in the Script Editor. You must modify scripts that refer to objects and events in your app in XCode’s AppleScript Studio so as to use its dictionaries.

ok, that’s good to know. It fails to recognize “text field” when working in either Xcode or Script Editor. I’m still able to refer to the text field class in the default *.applescript file from the Cocoa/Applescript template, and when I tell System Events, but not when I create new Applescripts from the Applescript menu in the Xcode inspector as it did before.

I ended up starting over and rebuilding the project, and everything is fine. I must have clicked or deleted something vital that I didn’t understand (sigh). The real problem was that I couldn’t type into any of the text fields I’d created with IB. The letters would show up in the log but not in interface. This was also fixed with a new project.