AppleScript not saving

I’ve recently started a new job and have inherited several AppleScripts from the previous developer. I’ve been doing relatively simple AppleScripting for years, but some of this guy’s stuff is above and beyond me.

This morning, I was tasked with fixing an error in one of the monolithic scripts set up on the company server and being called locally by a separate script on the employees’ computers. I believe I’ve found the error, but when I try to compile it, it chokes on the third line of this section:

.and with the error:

This happens while logged into the server itself, with admin privileges, even if I open the script and attempt to compile it exactly as was. Any ideas on why this might be happening, and more importantly, what I can do to fix it?


Change it to:

set display dialogs to never

Beautiful! (It actually took “display dialog to never”, but you got me on the right track!)

Of course, now it’s choking on another line:

. Guess it’s going to be a long fix. :roll eyes:

Thank you though! :slight_smile:

If you’re using Script Debugger, this is very simple: you search for the codes. If you’re stuck with AppleScript Editor, open PS’s dictionary, then choose save: this will give you an .sdef file, which is a kind of xml. Open it in a decent text editor and search for the code “hunt”.

Awesome tips, Shane! I got authorization to install Adobe Creative Suite on my development machine, and a purchase authorization for Script Debugger. Looks like once the latter goes through, I’ll be entering a whole new world of scripting! :smiley:

Thanks again!