AppleScript Obj-C Text Output


I consider myself a seasoned AppleScripter, but I’m new to Xcode, and have never written anything successfully in Objective-C before. What I need is help with displaying text generated from an AppleScript in a text label. That is it. I’ve searched online for answers, but all I can find on the topic is how to receive input from a text field.

Thanks in advance!

Update: I’m trying “setStringValue_(x),” but I get this output: “[AppDelegate thebuttonclicked:]: unrecognized function setStringValue_. (error -10000).” Oh yeah, and the text doesn’t change to anything. There’s gotta be a really easy way to do this, right?

you have to send the setStringValue_() message to the label (text field).


property textField : missing value

and connect the text field in InterfaceBuilder with this property.
Then write

tell textField to setStringValue_("WhatEver")