Applescript on IRC!

Sometimes, I just need to talk to someone who knows Applescript. I don’t always have the technical vocabulary to ask Google, or I just want some ideas for a script I’m working on. So, I turn to IRC, but I was only able to find one channel about Applescript! The channel is pretty small right now, but (finally, the point!) I’m hoping I can attract some more people who will keep the channel open on their machines (as is IRC tradition :wink: ) to ask and answer questions in a more live, conversational manner”rather than a post that sits and waits for a reply.

ANYWAY… I’m just going to link to the search results for “Applescript” on SearchIRC. If any other channels pop up, hopefully one or all of them will gain some popularity. …and this way my post is a little less spammy, giving you choices, not just shameless promotion of one channel! …even though there is only one result for now! heh


I hope you find it useful!