AppleScript open the source of an compiled script


my problem is that I have a compiled Applescript .app !!
my fault was that I dont save the source of it.
I try to open the compiled script with the scripteditor.
but the scripteditor said:

…it is badly translated from german to english by meaning,but i guess you know what I mean!!

is their a way to read the script back into source,read it back into applescript?

please help and correct my newbie mistakes :confused:

There is no way.

Pfosten, was der Script. Möglicherweise können wir einen neuen Script schreiben.

Your only hope is to post what your script did and someone here may write it for you again. Post the what the script did, someone may write another.

…whats that? lol
Its no problem at all. the script was a begginer script so i make tutorial again and learn from that.
but its good to know …that their is no way …so Save your Sources!! … SOS :wink: