AppleScript Permissions

Hello all,
I’m working on this system for work to keep a bunch of G5 systems automatically maintained. So far, I’ve written a script that resets the boot drive to a drive called “bootintosh” and then restarts to it. That brings me to my next hurdle:

I want to write a script that i can set to run when the secondary drive boots, and repairs permissions on the main boot drive. The main boot drive is called “Macintosh HD” and the secondary drive is “bootintosh”.

this is what I have:

Do shell script "sudo diskutil verifyPermissions /Volumes/Macintosh HD" password "arugula" with administrator privileges

and this is the error I get:
“Disk Utility Tool Usage: diskutil [verifyPermissions |repairPermissions]
[Mount Point | Disk Identifier | Device Node]
Verify or repair the permissions of an OS X boot volume.
Ownership of the affected disk is required.
Example: diskutil verifyPermissions /”

I tried Get Info and changing permissions of Owner to the user “admin”. Same message. Any help?

Model: MacBook Core Duo 2.0 ghz Black
AppleScript: 1.10.7
Browser: Safari 419.3
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)


two things:
¢ Don’t use sudo and administrator privileges, omit sudo (see Technote TN2065)
¢ The boot volume is always / (just slash), not /Volumes/something/, the path of all other volumes start with /Volumes/something

PS: and paths must be quoted, if there are space characters in the path

I took out “sudo” and tried running the script. Same message.

As far as the moint point, I need to explain that this script is meant to be run from a different boot drive as Macintosh hard drive so that I can do a full repair. That is why the moint point is defined that way. Does that make more sense?

according the man page verifyPermissions works only with the boot volume /
try this

do shell script "sudo diskutil verifyPermissions /" password "myPass" with administrator privileges

that works fine, but it’s not what I need.

What you gave me verifies permissions on the boot volume I am currently running.

What I need is for it to verify the permissions on the drive i am not currently running osx from.

You said that verifyPermissions only works with the boot volume. What could I use to verify permissions on a drive I’m not running the computer from? I’m having a hard time being a descriptive as I want to be.

Repair permissions on a different volume as the boot volume is completly useless.
(And also in the user home folders on the boot volume!)

ONLY the permissions of the files included in the .pkg packages in /Library/Receipts will be verified or repaired.
Nothing else!

Edit: files included means, the files whose “pointers” are included.