AppleScript Pro Sessions To Cover Tiger, Automator

AppleScript Pro will include coverage of Tiger, including AppleScript changes in the new OS version and Automator, the new personal automation assistant. The sessions are May 2-6 in Monterey, California.

During the introductory day May 2, session leaders Ray Robertson and Shane Stanely will review AppleScript changes in version 10.4, with tips on how to edit and enhance existing scripts. On Friday, May 6, Robertson and guest speaker Matt Neuburg will cover creating workflows in Automator, and building actions in AppleScript Studio.

As well, the sessions will devote a full day to coverage of InDesign, with a further day focusing on Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat. Organizers announced last week that Adobe Creative Suite 2 will be reviewed, with changes and enhancements noted. Other sessions cover QuarkXPress, FileMaker Pro, BBEdit, and more.

The sessions will be at the Casa Munras Hotel, which is in downtown Monterey and now features wireless broadband access in every room. Attendees may reserve a room at the hotel for a special group rate of $94/night (subject to availability), which includes a full breakfast.

For more details, please contact Ray Robertson, or visit the AppleScript Pro Sessions website.

Admin Note: There will be obvious changes in Tiger which potentially could break some scripts, including workarounds, etc. Including posting your query on this forum for help, this seminar would be a great opportunity for those who have legacy scripts that “just have to work” in their environment.

This is also another great way to learn much about Automator. [R~] :smiley: