AppleScript / Quicktime / Mini Mac

I am trying to get my applescript to play a Quicktime looped movie in FIT TO SCREEN as opposed to ENTER FULL SCREEN. My applescript line reads …present document 1 scale screen… Is there any way I can get the script to set to FIT TO SCREEN?
Thanks, I’m tired of Mpeg2 and am trying to run video’s for exhibition at higher uncompressed resolutions and still have all of the functions automated.
Power to the Macines

Since the “fit to screen” command has a keyboard shortcut of command-3 then you can just use that. Note that keystroke commands are sent to the frontmost application so you have to first make sure quicktime is the front application using…

tell app "Quicktime Player 7" to activate

Then to fit-to-screen use…

tell app "system events" to keystroke "3" using command down