AppleScript reference

I’m looking for a good online place to look up things like

options {wrap around:false}
options {match words:true}
options {reverse:false}
options {extend selection:true}
etc. and so forth.

The functionality of these options, whether values other than true or false are accepted, what other options are available. So far I’ve not been successful in going through Apple’s AppleScript docs, nor here on MacScripter.

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these properties belong to an application, not to AppleScript itself.
You can find these information in the dictionary of the application you want to talk to.
Companies like Microsoft or Adobe provide detailed AppleScript references in the support area of their sites

Whenever I get a new app I have to script I check the company’s site to see if they have an SDK (Software Development Kit) available. Some companies, like Adobe, include several interface references in theirs such as Javascript, Applescript, and Visual Basic. Then be prepared to READ, ALOT! :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy scripting!
Jim Neumann

P.S. Remember, ANY documentation is manmade and therefore fallible. Most of the time they’re spot on but I’ve made several “discoveries” that have never been officially documented!

Not the response I was expecting. In this case I’m using an antique version of BBEdit (6.5.3), not broken, no reason to fix it (although I might reassess that decision in the near future). At any rate, from BBEdit’s Script Menu there’s a command to open the dictionary. Everything’s there and it appears to be well documented.

Thanks for the tip.

the more detailed the question, the more detailed the response :wink: