Applescript referencing another script

So, I wrote a script that I called Newsletter.scpt and this is inside the resource folder of another script saved under (I made it into an app).
I am trying to write the script that will reference to the Newsletter script inside its own resources folder, how can I do this?
Here is my code:

set webNewsletter to ((path to me) as string)
set webNewsletter to (((characters 1 thru -10 of webNewsletter) as string) ¬
	& "Newsletter")

set mainAction to the button returned of ¬
	(display dialog ¬
		"Hello Intern! Read my options and select an action:" with title ¬
			"Wesley Intern" buttons {"Web-Based Newsletter", "Physical Newsletter", "MORE TO COME!"} ¬
		default button 1)

if mainAction is equal to "Web-Based Newsletter" then
	run script (webNewsletter)
end if

Operating System: Mac OS X (10.6)

Use the standard additions command “path to resource”:

set theFile to path to resource "Newsletter.scpt"