Applescript (request) for iPhoto export

Here’s what I’m looking to do (and why iPhoto can’t do this is a mystery):

I have iPhoto albums consisting of photos I have renamed (within iPhoto) and arranged in a particular order (which is not alphabetical); as an example - one photo named “Uncle John” might be presented prior to another photo named “Aunt Betty” which, in turn, appears before a third photo named “Cousin Bud”.

I need to export these photos so, in the Finder, they remain sorted as in the iPhoto album. Obviously, the script will be required to prepend a sequence number to each photo as it is exported so the end result, in the Finder, will be something like 00001-Uncle John, 00002-Aunt Betty, 00003-Cousin Bud.

Both of iPhoto’s “sequential numbering” export options are worthless because neither uses the photo name and, as well, neither prepends but only adds a suffix.

I imagine an AppleScript should do the job but, of course, I’m not an AppleScript expert or I’d be posting my script here to help others who would like to see this feature. :smiley:

Thanks in advance for any assistance.