Applescript saved as application bundle displays as 'applet'

I have created an application bundle that I have added an icon to and set the creator code in the info.plist but for the life of me I do not know how to (if it is even possible) change the name that my Mac sees it as from ‘applet’ to my own application name. I have tried changing the CFBundleExecutable to the application name but when I run it I have to press ‘Run’ to launch it AND it wont stay open like it is supposed to. the CFBundleName doesn’t seem to mean squat to my Mac because when I run

tell application "Finder" to set lApplications to (name of application processes) 

I get

where the second to last entry, “applet”, is present instead of the app name “scraper”. Does anyone know how I can remedy this?

When I change the CFBundleName in the plist file the name shows correctly.
I even changed the name several times and each time it showed the changed

Not sure why yours did not work correctly. Have you tried on any other
bundles to see if you get similar results?



If you change the .plist executable name of your app, you must change the name of the executable file to match, as well as the name of the ‘applet.rsrc’ file.

CFBundleExecutable - scraper
executable name - scraper
applet.rsrc - scraper.rsrc

If you change the .plist creator type of your app, you must change the ‘PkgInfo’ file contents to match.

CFBundleSignature - scrp
PkgInfo - APPLscrp

You may also need to Zip the original app, toss the original, then open the archived app to get changes to ‘stick’.

Peter B.


I had already made those changes when I got the creator code so I went ahead and tried the other suggestion you made

The application no longer asks me to hit run, and it does stay open like it is supposed to, but it still shows up as ‘applet’. The reason this would be a problem is because I already have another application that ALSO keeps showing up as ‘applet’ and when I try to set ‘Scraper’ to handle a web protocol it keeps defaulting to the other one. I am going to run some maintenance on my machine to see if I can’t flush out the problem.


So far I have tried three others and they all give the same result. I am both baffled and irritated by this problem but better to find problems now then after implementation.

Okay, here is what I discovered was going wrong -

When I was entering the creator code into the info.plist/CFBundleSignature as ecp3 and into pkginfo as APPLecp3 and moved the app to an external drive then BACK to the Mac I created it on it was telling me that it couldn’t run under this architecture. When I changed it back to ‘aplt’ everything was fine again.

I guess I really don’t HAVE to use the creator code since this is an in house application, but I figured I would try to do it the ‘right’ way from the get. Works now and shows up properly when I run

tell application "Finder" to set lApplications to (name of application processes) --{name of processes, name of application processes, name of desk accessory processes}

so I am happy… for now.:lol: