AppleScript SCPT corrupted file

I have an Applescript file that got corrupted and does not seem to be working anymore. I have tried almost everything and several script softwares, and none seemed to help.

What I would like to do, is recover (at least a part of) the script that could be read by Applescript Editor from my current scpt file. I have tried with osadecompile utility from Mac OS, but I get an error -1752 (errOSABadStorageType), and by looking at the scpt file, it seems to have stopped in the middle of it’s execution (when it was supposed to grab file sizes and write them down in a Text file using TextEdit).

If possible, I would like to know if there is a tool that could read the beginning of this SCPT file and provide at least some partial code from what the original script was. It seems all other solutions require the full structure of a SCPT file to provide the final syntax.

I fear you’re out of luck – .scpt files don’t contain the script source anyway.

If you are using Mavericks or Yosemite, my set of scripts entitled “Versions as Recovery Tool 9&13” may be used to extract a valid version from the datas stored by the feature named Versions.

These scripts which are a bit old are using Numbers 2.x as interface.
Write here if you are interested.
It seems that it’s time for me to build a version using Numbers v3.5.3 as interface.

After all, why not pass directly the link allowing to get the set?

[i]If you are running 10.9 or more recent OS I hope that you will be able to retrieve a “not too old” version in the datas stored by the System’s version named “Versions”.
To do that you will have to use my set of three scripts embedded in the attached archive.
Read the explanations given in “Versions as a recovery tool.rtfd”
Double click the three files whose name ends by “.scpt” and read the explanations given, in French and in English at their very beginning.
No need to understand the working code to use them.

At last,
run the application “1” to create a replicate of the hidden folder containing the useful datas.
As is, the replicate is stored in a disk image.
Open the disk image then run “2”
Navigate in the displayed info to the descriptor of one of the available versions of your document.
Select this descriptor then run “3 open_a_version '” or “3 open_a_version '” according to the version of Numbers which you use.[/i]

Yvan KOENIG (VALLAURIS, France) jeudi 25 juin 2015 12:53:48