AppleScript Script Chooser

Is there a way to call a script as one is finished giving the option to choose which will be the next script to be performed?


I open a number of DV files in Quicktime. Then I may create a selection and save it as timecode text only (I have this perfectly working scriopt already) OR I want to create a movie reference from my selection OR add this selection to an already existing file.

I have all the scripts working already. I wonder if it’s at all possdible to create a script which brings out a dialog box with several buttons allowing me to choose what to do next?

such as:

Script 1 - Script2 - and so on with the Cancel and EXIT buttons. Where the cancel just send me back where I was, and EXIT Exit the app (quicktime always)

I quote the cancel Option so I might continue to work with some scripts which have a REPEAT option, so this Command can be placed before the END REPEAT


Danny Wan

Model: POWER MAC Intel
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Operating System: Mac OS X (10.6)

Something like this?

-- Scritp Choose
set myScripts to {"Script One.scpt", "Script Two.scpt", "Script Three.scpt"}
set scriptChoice to choose from list myScripts
if scriptChoice is false then return --user canceled

set loadedScript to load script (path to resource (scriptChoice as string))
run script loadedScript

Hope it helps,

Thank you very much

I am away from Computer now and I will try it today

However is there a way to simply add this to the end of my various sctipts and close them (I save them as run only apps


One way is to include it in an on quit handler. Then no matter how the first script quits, the choice is given. Remember to include a “continue quit” as the last line of the handler body.

-- Other script

on quit
	-- put the choice stuff here
	continue quit
end quit