Applescript start on login

I have several different users.
I’d like a different applescript to start for each on login.
So, I can write a shell script to start it using ‘osascript’ but then
I can’t seem to enter any input.

  1. Is there a way to start an AppleScript from a shell script or terminal so the result is just like 'double clicking ’ on the script icon?

  2. Is there an application for setting user-specific login features such as applications to run on login?



You can try this:

osascript -e 'run script alias "path:to:compiled_script.scpt"'

Or you can save the script as application, then add it to your login-items.
Or, if saved as app, you can also run this from a shell script:

open /path/to/

And this will act as a double-click.

I think that every user can keep his/her own individual login-items, which you can manage from the login-items preference pane.