Applescript Studio and Excell

Hi all.

I am trying to find a smart solution to a small problem. I have to make a way for my co-workers to input data into a spread sheet in the most user firendly way possible and began to think about Applescript Studio.

The deal is this: I need a few variables about our patients, stuff like their age, name and a few medical parameters, so I can make monthly statistic data based on it. And I want it to be as easy as possible for both me to convert it and the rest of the team to enter it.

Could I make a “Program” in applescript studio that took the information they entered into it (7-8 variables) and placed it in the next free row? If not could I have it make a file with the data separated with commas?

A better program would be if my co-workers could look up the right patient in the spreadsheet (from name or CC#), so the data would be put in the right place from the beginning. Again: Possible?

I think that AS-Studio would be good enough for ligth databases, but not to manipulate huge amounts of data. For robust solutions full of features, you may use FileMaker Pro or Excel (etc.)
If you installed Dev Tools, you can take a look to the “Table” project, at “/Developer/Examples/AppleScript Studio/Table”.