AppleScript Studio app as loadable bundle

Does anyone know how to have AppleScript Studio apps run in the “context” of other apps to provide, for example, some workflow interface in InDesign, Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

I know it is possible to set the ASS apps to not have menubars etc ” so at first sight they seem to belong to whatever app is frontmost but even then the “host” app still thinks it is being un-frontmosted and hides its palettes when the ASS apps window gets focus.

(I also know Adobe now provides lots of UI tools but we want to use the same code and UI in non-Adobe apps . . . )

We have looked long and hard at the possibilities of loading the ASS apps as “bundles” which seems the approved way to do this but we can’t see how to make the right kind of bundle from an ASS project in XCode.

I know this is possible with a non-AppleScript app made in XCode because we have just such a thing ” it behaves just as we want, even quitting gracefully when its “host” app quits ” but we can’t find any way to make an XCode project that is both an ASS app and a loadable bundle.

On the other hand does anyone know if and why this is definitely not possible?