Applescript studio application not responding to dock clicks

I have the following problem: my applescript studio application is quite complex, containing some long running processes (including using QuickTime). I am slowly moving some code to cocoa and QTkit (and calling that code using “call method”). Everything works fine, but the application itself is listed as “not responding” in the activity monitor while QTkit is doing its job. If you hide the application, you cannot get it back by clicking on its Dock icon, and the mouse is beachballing.

The application itself is working fine and I realize applescript does not support any multithreading, but I was wondering if there is no solution anyway to keep the GUI more responsive?

I also have a ‘cancel’ button too, but it only response when you click it in between these long running processes.

I realize my question is a bit vague, but I don’t really know what additional information I can give to make it more concrete. If anybody can help, i would really appreciate it.


as you’re using Cocoa anyway, consider the method performSelectorInBackground:withObject: of NSObject