Applescript Studio applications and Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

Anybody knows if ASStudio applications run on Mac OS X 10.7 beta? Any ideas about it and about the final 10.7 release?
I’m the developer of WaterRoof, a firewall frontend. I just want to know if I have to really trash all my knowledge and skills or if it’s only a nightmare.



even if anybody knew there is certainly a NDA at this early point in time.
As AppleScript Studio is already deprecated in 10.6 I recommend to learn Objective-C or at least AppleScriptObjC
to keep in touch with the future.

I agree with Stefan, but I’d add that it’s quite possible most ASStudio apps will keep working. I doubt that they’d bother pulling support – the more likely problem is if you happen to use underlying APIs that get replaced.

“it’s quite possible most ASStudio apps will keep working”
…that’s what I hope, Shane.
I’m not a “coder”, I’m just a mac user with some scripting knowledge. My opinion is that ApplecriptObjC is too complex and learning it requires too much time. I think ApplescriptObjC is not a good substitute for Applescript Studio… it’s really something different.

Some things are more complex in AppleScriptObjC, and some are actually easier, largely because of the ability to use Cocoa bindings. Importantly, many things are only possible in AppleScriptObjC. But it’s certainly quite different.