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Can anyone recommend a good book on AppleScript Studio? I’ve read some books on AppleScript but none of them goes into detail when it comes to AppleScript specific subjects, or interface builder etc…



I’ve been wondering this myself. I don’t know of any books specific to AppleScript Studio but I came across what appears to be an exellent training resource on CD.

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We have a separate section about books and other resources.

How about “The Mac XCode 2 Book” by Michael and Dennis Cohen? I can’t give you an in depth review since I’ve just started reading it myself, but it’s looking good.


Although there is some useful information in that book, there’s only one chapter dedicated to AppleScript proper. Another problem I have with it is, if you take out all the gratuitous 1 liners, you could reduce the size of the book by about a third.


Another thing you can do is check

Last time I did (that was last year), there were a couple of books that were offered for advanced ordering. I presume some if not all of these AppleScript Studio books must have been out.

Sorry, I haven’t checked lately.

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Here I am again.

Sorry, I just did a search of for AppleScript Studio books and came up only with AppleScript Studio VTC Training CD. Obviously, the couple of authors promising AS Studio books last year haven’t completed their manuscripts yet.

The training CD might be another route but the cost is hefty: $62.97…it’s a bit tough to shell out if the budget for computer and related stuff is tight.

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Hi Skip,

I would definitely recommend these:

Applescript: Guide To Scripting And Automation on Mac OS X

Absolute AppleScript Studio