AppleScript Studio but ....

Since the death of Applescript Studio (probably frozen under the snow) I went back to Leopard as I liked it very much for my small projects.

However I an unable to find any links to download the “legacy” Xcode tools which allowed me to use it.

Can anyone help me so I can reinstall everything with the standard Leo and keep using it?

Unfortunately my BCKup drive died on me so i lost everything …

I don’t know if this is an inappropriate request: I googled all day and found nothing. I only hope to find a regular link and I can’t find it.

Thanks a lot. I’m too old to spend weeks learning a programing language and I was rather happy with AS Studio. I hope someone will help

Thanks in advance

I just found it:

Thanks, however I am unable to get there.

Am’I missing something in your kind replay?


Are you registered at and logged in? The only way you can download stuff is to register. If you are registered and logged in and the link still doesn’t work, go here first:

And click on “Developer Downloads” on the left side of the screen.

On the next screen, click on “Developer Tools” under “Downloads” on the right side.

The link for Xcode 3.1.4 is about a third of the way scrolling down.