Applescript Studio Debugger

This probably has been answered before but here goes:

Xcode 3.0 is installed on Leopard 10.5.2. Can’t get the Applescript Studio debugger to work at all. No breakpoints obeyed and the debugger says ‘NO SCRIPT EDITOR’.

Does debugger work or am I wasting my time. Also tried it with Xcode 2.5 on a leopard machine. Same problem.

Also on another note: I have tried Facespan (4.3) but cannot get it to see ScriptDebugger 4 as the default script editor or the debugger.

I really need a debugger and I know there are other more tedious ways of debugging scripts but surely the built in debugger must work.

Any help appreciated.

Model: MacPro Dual Quad Core
AppleScript: Xcode 3.0
Browser: Safari 523.15
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.5)

The debugger in Xcode is not used by AppleScript.

That’s odd as there is a reference book “Applescript Studio Programming for the Absolute Beginner” that devotes a chapter to debugging in Applescript Studio ( a review of which is on the Macsripters website) which has screen shots of the debugger in action. Was this all a joke?

I googled the subject and found that there was not very much support by Apple for debugging in Applescript Studio and the latest documentation said it was ‘under development’, but that was dated 2006.

Any thoughts or other options for a debugger that works under Applescript Studio or any other Applescript application.

We are trying desperately to convert from VBA to Applescript for Office 2008 templates which have ‘userforms’ and thus need a suitable ‘interface’ builder app.