Applescript Studio Delivery


I create an applescript studio application on Mac OS X 10.5.6 with XCode 3.0.
The application works great on my machine with my useraccount(Admin).
But when i create a new user for my machine with or without admin privileges the application doesn`t open.

Should I do some special selections in Xcode Project Preferences?
Any helpful suggestions?



it can have a lot of causes, I guess it’s a software problem.
Do you use hard-coded paths, which are valid only in the origin user account?
Or do you use other components, which are not available in other user accounts?

Discussed before. Check your Project Build settings. By default it’s set to Development or Debug. You need to set it to be Deployment. This will also turn off zero-link which links libraries just to your computer/log in while you are developing it.