AppleScript: Tell PowerPoint 2008...

Hey all,

Every week I create the PowerPoint file for my church. In the past, I had a template file that had several macros to help me do the heavy lifting. But my copy of 2004 died (just stopped working), so I had to “upgrade” to 2008.

Now I have to change these macros into AppleScript (because the Automator support is a joke). I need to do three simple things (I have included the old VBA in text files so that you can see how it used to be done):

I need to select a bunch of specific slides and change their backgrounds to a set file. VBA file (this is how I standardize the backgrounds in my template file)

I need to change the selected slides’ backgrounds to a set file. VBA file

I need to “standardize” text. Meaning, I often grab text from random websites or files and I need the text to look like the rest of the text in the presentation: Arial, bold, white, 60 pt. But it is important that the text not only be set to those specifications, it is important to remove any other aspects to the text (super script, for example, or italics). See the VBA file for all of the specifics: VBA file

Now that I think about it, on that last one: it might just be easier to “paste special”. If I “paste special” as “unformatted text”, then the pasted text will keep the format of the text box, which is already formatted correctly. Is there a one button (keystroke or macro/AppleScript) that could do this special paste?

Thanks for all of the help! Guys like you make up for the mistake that is Microsoft.