AppleScript Templates for cut and paste code

Keeping things simple turning tasks into basic AppleScript coding.

I am interested how far can we go with templates? A collection of code we can cut and paste into our AppleScript editor, to use.

I am relatively a newbie to AS coding and keen to learn. Having loads of tasks to perform and very little code to reference. I understand in the past there was a website AppleScript resource with coding examples to try and edit. Sadly it does not exist anymore. Unless you know a website that is similar?

I would like to make a Facebook group page to record my learning commentary. I will post the link to this thread soon. (If allowed)

  1. A simple but practical template handling other applications.

  2. More tasks working with other applications Numbers, Safari and text editor.

How would the following tasks be implemented I will try using AppleScript editor to record and then view the AppleScript coding.

The tasks and applications
The Aim: to make a playlist from a music chart.
The Method:
a. Safari >website address =importhtml a web page data tables column scraped, into google sheets or Numbers
b. Spreadsheet Copying the table results column and splitting the data into three columns.
c. Remove the record label column
d. Copy title and Artist list of 40 songs to a new spreadsheet page for adding other chart dates and removing duplicates with sort unique formulas

I have already performed these tasks manually using the above methods. Attempted using Automator help workflow to repeat these tasks getting -50 errors

This is where I think AppleScript coding will solve workflow repetitive tasks.

Copying a online music charts listing of title and artist into a spreadsheet to collect all entries over 6 months period (duplicates removed by using sort by unique formula in spreadsheet,) to finally import into a text file of all six months entries. Finally producing a playlist.

The template I propose in 1. Is a practical basic task commonly used.e.g. Saving applications and closing them down and closing down computer.

Template 2 I propose my example of scraping website page data tables into a spreadsheet and using macros within spreadsheet or Automator to perform other tasks within other comparable applications eg spreadsheet - splitting data in table cells into three columns and finally removing duplicates within these lists and save to file. This maybe ambitious as a template but with careful commenting other users can test or modify to there hearts content.

Finally can the coding be improved upon.