Applescript that Sets Text to 12 point verdana in Mail App

Hi Everyone:

I really need an Applescript that sets the font in the frontmost mail message to 12 point verdana. I’m hoping someone can either send me this script which I imagine is pretty simple, or refer me someplace where I can get it. It will take me too long to learn to write it myself. Thank you!


Here’s a snippet of something i use in a mail script which changes the font and point size.

tell myMessage
				tell (every paragraph whose first word is clientName)
					set the font to "Arial Bold"
					set size to 14
				end tell
				set my_recipient to make new to recipient at end of to recipients with properties {address:mylist}
			end tell

Hope this gives you some idea where to go, just change the bits you need.

Must admit scripting mail in 10.5 i find is very buggy and quite unreliable so be warned if your on that version of operating system.