AppleScript the solution to scraping url data

Aim:Currently looking for a more effective solution to make a google sheets list for my spotify playlist.

  1. I am currently =importhtml into GS from a Chart website, then using GS to split a cell columns data into two columns (Title and Artist). Then filtering the blanks out. There are 40 track entries per week and I need to compile from January to June and June to January for each year from 1995 to 2005. To form a six monthly playlist. Then my task is to submit a text file of artist and title for building a spotify playlist on content available with spotify. Not all titles are hosted on spotify so these cannot be added to my playlists.

  2. I believe the solution is with AppleScripting which could build my lists more effectively and less time consuming.

I’m new to AppleScripting and keen to learn what coding will make smooth workflow.
Any pointers would be appreciated.

My first test gave me a syntax error.
expected expression, etc. but found “/”

tell application "Finder"
	display dialog "Hello World"
end tell

for some strange reason it did not like the "/" before AppleScript
removed it and it worked.

tell application "Finder"
	display dialog "Hello World"
end tell

The result gave me:
{«script AppleScript»}

I was expecting

{button returned:"OK"}

If I pressed the cancel button the result window gave

error "Finder got an error: User cancelled." number -128

Now since I am new to AppleScript there could be something wrong on my system.

I will update as I go along.

A couple of questions… what version of Mac OS are you working from? And what are you using to edit your script?

The display dialog command isn’t part of the Finder, so to strip it to the bare minimum, try your ‘hello world’ command again with that as the only line in the script.

For entering code in a post here, the ‘applescript’ inside the ‘[’ and ‘]’ should be all lower case. It might be easier to just type the code, select it, then click the ‘Applescript’ button.

As to your primary objective, it might be helpful to include several lines of example data.