Applescript timeout when screen is locked

I am getting an AppleEvent timed out error when my Applescript is running and the screensaver turns on and locks the screen. The applescript completes the current operation and when trying to do the next Finder operation it does not proceed but waits and times out.

I cannot increase the time-out time limit since I will not unlock the screen at all. Is there a way to ignore waiting for the screen unlock or some other solution to this?

Ignoring application responses causes applescript to execute command directly and not waiting for it’s results.

ignoring application responses
	display dialog "Hello world"
end ignoring

I tried this but it the ignore application responses make the code not return any value in the code block. And the code blocks are so big and cannot ignore them selectively. I need to ignore only the ScreenSaver application. Is that possible?

yes it is possible to ignore only one command inside a tell application block. Wrap the ignoring case only around the command you want to ignore.