Applescript to auto mount a Firewire Drive(without involving my input)

I’m looking for an Applescript that will simply mount a Firewire drive named “Music_Box BU”.
All of the Applescripts that I have found here seem to display a list of drives and require me to make a selection.

I need this drive to mount at a time when I will not be at my computer. So, unfortunately, I wouldn’t be around to select from a list.

Can someone help? I don’t know much about Applescripting and I really don’t know where else to turn.

Very sincere thanks,


this should do it

property volumeToMount : "Music_Box BU"
set node to do shell script "/usr/sbin/diskutil list | /usr/bin/awk '/" & volumeToMount & "/ {print $NF}'"
do shell script "/usr/sbin/diskutil mount " & node

Wow! You’re the best!!
That’s exactly what I needed.
Thanks again!