AppleScript to Automate three applications

Hello All,

I’m new to the MAC world including AppleScript. I came from WINDOWS with VB and VBA programming. What I like to do is automate three application for DVD burning software. There are:

Toast 6

The first two application required user interaction and these are what I want to automate. If you use these before you know what I’m talking about. I read MAC OS X: The Missing Manual and base on this book I can automate the functionalties I’m looking for. I have some ideas how to do this but b/c I’m new to this language. I’m unable to do it quickly. Can someone point me the right direction to start. Also, I’m trying to find an object model for this language to guide me but I was unable to find the resource. Is there a “HOW TO” refrence libuary on line? Thank you in advance!

It depends on how basic “the right direction to start” needs to be.

To a great degree that object model is different for each application. The best free reference for AS iteself is the AppleScript Language Guide, which you can find by searching Google. Actually, isn’t it linked to on the front page of, too?