Applescript to change iPhoto Preference-- "Edit Photo"

Hi there,

Not 100% a newbie, but far from advanced.

I’m looking to help out a friend with an Applescript – he uses iPhoto to manage all his photos, but occasionally he’ll want to send something over to Photoshop to work on.

He finds himself going to the Preferences window and changing the “Edit Photo” preference – toggling back & forth between “In main window” and “In application.” (subsequently choosing Photoshop).

I’m imagining there must be an easy way to assign an Applescript to each of those functions (“In main window” “In application.Adobe Photoshop CS”) and then assign each of those to a key command – but I’m at a loss as to the best way to implement this. I’ve futzed around a little bit with the UI commands, but I have to imagine there’s a way to change the preference file based on the input – right?

I’ve looked at the iPhoto .plist file, and it’s a little cryptic to me – never mind how to change it.

(by the way, he’s got one machine on 10.5 and one on 10.6 – so I’m looking to have a solution that will accommodate both platforms)

If anyone has any guidance w/r/t the best way to implement this, it’d be much appreciated. I feel like this is “next-level” applescripting for me, and I’m excited about delving in!




is right-click on a photo > Edit / Edit in External Editor an option?

Without an external tool like QuickSilver or QuicKeys it’s not possible to assign shortcuts to
menu items which don’t appear in the main menu-

Thanks for replying so quickly!

Yes: if you right click, there are options to “Edit,” “Edit in separate window,” “Edit using full screen” and “Edit in external editor”