Applescript to copy files, except excluded


Currently I have a shell script that uses rsync and an exclude file to copy files from a source to a destination.
For example maybe I want everything copied from the root of my hard drive except the Applications folder.

What is the best way to do this in Applescript. My goal is to get away from Rsync and be able to provide a better graphical experience to my users.

Any ideas would be aweseome!



coping a hugh amount of files with AppleScript is very slow.
Almost all applications like CarbonCopyCloner or SuperDuper! use rsync, because it’s the fastest and most flexible solution.
You can also display a progress status with rsync as SuperDuper does

Thank you! That is good to know. I definitely want the best speed I can get. I currently have an AppleScript Studio application that I have been using for various things including migrating data with an rsync shell script. Is there a way to send the rsync progress to my Applescript app? I’m guessing you are referring to the -“–showtogo” option rsync has?

With a lot of data users think it is froze since I have only been displaying a progress bar without any movement or percentage.

Thanks for you great help!