applescript to maintain colour in text for Qlab titles

I have been using Mic Pool’s brilliant set of Applescripts to set up subtitles using the Titles function in Qlab. The data entry script goes like this :

tell application "TextEdit"

	set thetext to the text of the front document

	set thecount to the number of paragraphs in thetext

end tell

tell application id "com.figure53.qlab.3" to tell front workspace

	repeat with i from 1 to thecount

		make type "Titles"

		set selectedCues to selected as list

		set newCue to last item of (selected as list)

		set thecuenumber to q number of newCue

		set thetitle to paragraph i of thetext

		set q name of newCue to thetitle

		set the text of newCue to thetitle

	end repeat

end tell

Would anyone know how to simply ensure that the designated text colour that exists in the primary TextEdit document is maintained when the text is entered into Qlab?