applescript to run applescript

Hi all,

I have an applescript which works fine. The last part export files through a shell script (curl).
The fact is that script run from indesign, blocks Indesign as long as files aren’t totally transfered, which is long sometimes.

So I have envisioned to divide the export part into another script that could be ran from outside Indesign giving control back then to Indesign user while sending files in the background.

The last bone is that the first script has to give parameters for teh connexion and these datas shouldn’t be visible at any time.

Do you think it’s possible that script A launched from application Indesign could run and then pass datas (logons) to script B ran from the system in order to get script A closed while B is working on the background ?

Thanks in advance for insights,


This may be very amateurish, but I managed to get a variable from one script to another via the clipboard. I guess you could do many variables by having a list and then separating them out to different variables in the second script.

See my other post here:

Someone came up with a better solution for me, but I don’t think that would work for you.

Hi divster,

Sorry for late answer, not been around for a while.

Thanks a lot for this tip, it looks promising and perfect for my needs :wink: